Return to Eden

Return to Eden

PROFILE: About me.

transcript of my entry on as verbatim

I'm 1 in 20 million. Like Bruce Springsteen, Joe Montana, Isaac Asimov? Well, not quite! 

46xy karyotype male? Yeh normal!
Born with no genitalia, no testosterone? Err; not so normal!
No sex? Yeh that's cool, I have no urge, sensation or profile! Only missing the ugly bits!  

Childhood? Well, be surprised! That wasn't so skank, kids R more axxepting!
Adulthood? Domain of paranoia, mockery, perversion, discrimination n virtual death!  

30 years marginalised, no g/f, no love!
30 years in leisure centres, ridiculed, even evicted!
30 years in limbo,
30 years in clothes, afraid 2undress!

So.... one day in depression I stepped ironically on2 a nudist beach 2punish myself, 2seek ridicule.
Instead, all the naturists axxepted me, welcomed me as just another guy on the beach.
Which I am!

So I never went back2 malicious, mainstream perv society with its rape, child-abuse, prejudice, war n greed.

Naturism is the perfect fit 4me .....moral n non-sexual where society is depraved where society is paranoid big self-respecting family where society is fractious n divisive.

No better portrayed that @the Naturist Foundation, 50 acres of idyllic green belt 1 hour from central London, home of English naturism.

It is like I have died, gone 2Heaven and my PC is a ouija board 4the good spirits.

It is my home, my people, my family. Of course, my family is not the same blood group, no noticeable genetic link, not all the same race, creed, sexuality, but we R all God's family n that is all that matters.

Naturism is how God intended us 2live b4 the harbinger of evil introduced us 2original sin.

Naturism is where we R stripped down2 our true selves, nowhere 2hide, no scope 2deceive, we are open n honest.

I shall not shockU with explicit images of myself website is where my naturist life is found in more detail (BUT PLEASE VIEW WITH DISCRETION: NO UNDER-18S PLEASE).

But on the EXHIBITION page, I shall also showU my fave pix (all from my friends with their full consent) from the only hood worth hanging with as my way of saying thanxxx!

Yeh, I'm here 2stay, I ain't coming back.
But U can join me if you like!

Luv'n'Hugz, Will 

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